After college, I lived in NY and did sketch and stand-up comedy and wrote a blog called the Bruni Digest that “went viral” in which I reviewed Frank Bruni’s weekly restaurant reviews (you can read about it in lots of places, including this Food and Wine piece.)  All the image links are broken so the blog doesn’t make sense any more but it was a pretty hilarious and joyful moment of the early internet.  Then I got a Phd at the University of Chicago and held a fellowship at Oxford and literally wore a black gown and taught post-impressionism, which seems very far away from the Digest days when I crouched in my hovel using ClarisWorks to draw thongs on pictures of steak.  But maybe it makes sense now that I wrote a book about the history of comic criticism.  After the Digest, I was a regular contributor to Gourmet magazine in print and online and did some fun stuff for Eater, Grub Street and Salon.  I regularly wrote Critics Picks for Artforum, wrote about George Packer, George Bush, Shakespeare, margarine, and a doll named Marie Grace for the Airship (now Catapult) and I reckoned with Jim Harrison for Frieze.  By debut novel, American Mermaid, will be published this spring by Doubleday in the U.S. and I promise that you will LOL so much and love it, unless you are a climate-murdering billionaire psycho, in which case you might be offended (spoiler: you’re the bad guy).

Because they cannot yet read, I would like to officially state here that my children are responsible for my almost complete retreat from contemporary art.  It’s a shame! Oh well, kids. Enjoy the cereal that I feed you instead of doing cool things like co-curating this awesome show in London in 2017.