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I won a 2024 James Beard award for my essay “Market Volatility,” which appeared in Bon Appétit last year. Watch my win and acceptance speech here (Go to 2:11:35)

I talked with Amanda & Ellyn at the bookstore of my dreams, Dog Eared Books in Ames, Iowa. Their podcast, Bubbles and Books, is warm and hilarious and sort of like bookstore Cheers except with less booze– actually wait it’s exactly like bookstore Cheers

I talked with Haley Hill at the Audible blog about the idea of a utopia without gender, how to stop using humor as a weapon (asking for a friend) and the audio version of American Mermaid.

Interview with Write or Die Magazine about performance, financial precarity, and the gestation of American Mermaid

I talked with Zibby Owens about comedy in fiction, life in Paris, and other fun stuff for the Moms Don’t Have Time podcast

I talked to Chris Burns about improv, academic training, what I’m reading and other things on the Burned by Books podcast

I wrote about (not) protecting my kids from fairy tales for Lit Hub, March 2023

I wrote about embracing imperfection at the French open markets in “Market Volatility,” Bon Appétit, February 2023


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